Benefit of IT outsourcing with TTS solutions

  1. Highest quality, on-time and within budget delivery
  2. Co-creative and innovative solutions
  3. High responsiveness and skillful personnel with international experience
  4. Good security polices to keep your works confidential
  5. Flexible working schedule with different time-zone
  6. Modern IT infrastructure and foundation for scalability and stable growth


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TTS Master Accounting is a perfect solution to computerize or improve the process to better manage your company. It is the best choice for the trading companies.
Some spotlights:

  • This distributed system architecture supports two modes:
    • Online
    • Offline
  • All of necessary modules for managing company are included in one solution.
  • It’s secure and robust. It ensures the accuracy and confidential of your data.
  • It’s easily customizable as what you need

TTS Master Tracking is perfect solution that improves the process for delivering packages to the receivers. It is the best choice for trading and shipping companies.
Some spotlights:

  • Software solution based running on mobile device to replace the need of integrated GPS device plugged into car, motorbike.
  • The distributed system architecture allows the management tool can be running anywhere on Windows platform, the mobility application on mobile device can communicate to the server real time to update its positions and statuses.
  • Web interface to track the position and status of the delivery packages.