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TTS’s one-week Free Trial Program allows you to work with your chosen developer without the need for payment or a contract.

Feel free to send us the “Request For Proposal” to sales@tinhthongsoft.com to start the free trial program.

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Contact Information

172/5 Nguyen Cuu Dam St.,
Tan Phu Dist., HCMC. Vietnam
(+84) 8 3812-3048

Our Team

Comprising a variety of IT talent as well as great support services, TTS has a team it is proud of. With a wide range of skills TTS knows what it is doing and clients can be safe in the knowledge that the team is fully competent and understands business needs and cloud technologies.

Our Way of Thinking

As an organization we have taken the time to find the best ways in which to deliver projects to our clients. Imagine this – fixed price solutions, delivered on time and exactly to your specification, sounds like an absolute dream, doesn’t it? Here at TTS, it is something we have grown to pride ourselves on.

Agile Development is at the forefront of everything we do and will be on the tip of your tongue long after you have finished working with us. Delivering projects to a specific budget, working directly with your lead project developer and having direct access to the team – that’s how we operate. If this way of thinking is something that appeals to you, why not discuss it with one of our team today.