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Engineering Process

Our engineering process is patterned after the Agile Scrum Methodology as main point of reference for code development processes and structure. Adhering to these processes and procedures is not optional. In order for us to maintain adequate structure, consistency, and transparency with the rest of the organization and our clients, it is important that we follow these processes with precision. It is our desire to make these daily, weekly, sprint, UAT, and release processes routine so that we can focus on developing creative, and innovative solutions to meet the expectations of our clients as much as we can.

Focusing on quality is also one of our objective in entire of our organization.

The engineering process includes 3 major phases:

Engineering Process

 Initialize The initialize phase is to gain the engagement with our clients and their agreement by the prototype we make.Project scope is also determined.Project plan, requirement, and high level design are also baselined.
 Execute The Execute phase is to produce quality product releases. A project can be divided into several releases after every iteration. Each iteration consist some sprint. Each sprint lifecycle will take 2 to 4 weeks and enables scrum team to perform continuous integration to release a product increment.Multiple releases by every iteration help us satisfy our client’s expectation since they always change their mind when observing their product.
 Finalize This final phase include the knowledge transferring, technical supporting and maintaining.Evaluate the project achievements and collect improvement information.