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Ruby on Rails (RoR) Development

Open-source web application framework for the Ruby programming language that is taking the development world by storm. Its compactness, rich framework capabilities, and built-in test automation combine to make it an excellent environment for complex Web and SaaS applications that need to hit the market quickly and keep on running fast. It is particularly well-suited for Agile rapid development methodology.

It is compact, has extensive framework capabilities and built-in test automation tools. Ruby on Rails is well aligned with agile rapid development methodology and can help deliver application that enter the market quickly and have fast performance.


Ruby on Rails (RoR) Expertise:

  • Languages: Ruby 1.8.5+,1.9+; JavaScript;
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails 1+, 2+, 3+
  • Libraries: jQuery, Prototype
  • Testing:                 TestUnit, RSpec, Cucumber, rcov
  • Tools:                 Capistrano, Passenger
  • Open source solutions: Fat Free CRM, Spree E-Commerce, Community Engine, Refinery CMS
  • Operating systems: Linux and Windows