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Master Tracking


Master Tracking is a perfect solution that improves the process for delivering packages to the receivers. Master Tracking is the best choice for trading and shipping companies.

There are some highlighted notes:

  • This is software solution based running on mobile device to replace the need of integrated GPS device plugged into car, motorbike.
  • This solution is designed by on the distributed system architecture, that allows the management tool can be running anywhere on Windows platform, the mobility application on mobile device can communicate to the server real time to update its positions and statuses.
  • There are utilities to allow the package receiver tracks the status and position of the delivery package via web application.


Receive packages – Delivery packages

  • Manage receiving customer’s packages, creating import voucher in order to import packages into a stock, calculate transit fee, print invoices.
  • Create export voucher to start delivering packages to receivers.
  • Create payment invoices, managing vehicle’s fee.
  • Export data to create itinerary for tracking module.


  • Manage importing packages into stock, exporting packages out stock.
  • Create export, import vouchers.
  • Create export, import vouchers in details.
  • Report stock balance for a given time.

Receivable / Payable accounts


  • Allow users design easily their own reports by themselves by querying database.
  • Provide a lot of report types to support company in order to reduce cost and increase benefit.
  • Export reports to formations, for example: pdf, excel, html, …
  • Some key reports:
    • Import-Export report
    • Stock balance report
    • Customer revenue report
    • Sale employee revenue report
    • Receivable account report
    • Account balance report, …

Mobile application

  • A mobile application is installed on android mobile device for tracking position of transports by using GPS.
  • A driver will use a mobile device to manage packages of a itinerary. The driver will know how many packages are being delivered and each package belongs to which customer.
  • Whenever the driver deliver any package, the mobile application will automatically send an event to central database. Therefore, administrator will know when and where a package is delivered.
  • The driver can communicate administrator during delivering time by send events, SMS messages, images to central database.

Tracking web application

  • A web application allow a customer can view itinerary’s snail trail via google map.
  • Customers can know which transport carry their packages, who is driving this transport and his mobile number. Customers also know current position of the transport and how long this transport will delivery packages to customers, …
  • Positions and snail-trails of a transport will be updated in real time. Therefore, customers can arrange their time to receive their packages.

Manage Delivery & Tracking

This feature to allow the user to define:

  • The plan to deliver packages.
  • During the planning time, all the itinerary of delivery packages, vehicle are also visual in the maps so that you can better manage and shorten the delivery time.
  • Managing the delivery plan is in-progress, so that they can take appropriate actions in case the delivery packages are delivered late within a day.
  • Status of the delivery packages can be updated instantly such as: traffic jam, packages are broken, any problems with the vehicle that affect the delivery time.
  • View and track all of history and event of the packages that were delivered.

Categories system

  • Provide a lot of category to support companies to manage their stuff well.
  • Some key categories
    • Accounts
    • Customers
    • Products
    • Receivers
    • Transports
    • Drivers
    • Mobile devices
    • Departments
    • Employees
    • Report types, …

Security system

  • This feature helps company to grant rights to access to components for every department, every employee clearly and accurately.
  • Grant rights to access to a group of components.
  • Grant rights to access to a object.
  • Grant rights to access to a field of object.
  • Manage users, roles, …


  • Framework & Architecture: .NET 4.5, Windows form application for management tool, mobility applications.
  • Tool: Visual Studio 2012.
  • Database Server: MS SQL 2012.
  • Report: DevExpress Report.
  • Map: Google Map.
  • Mobile platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Support & Maintenance

  • This solutions is built with the latest technology, it allows us to quickly release to client without worrying about bugs.
  • We built it for common use. If you need more customization to match your business logic, please let us know. We can easily customize this solution as what you need. Contact us at: for a good price.